Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to my stamping blog!

This is my brand new blog "Casey Stamps."  I can hear you thinking right now, "Where did that name come from?"  Well Casey is a pseudonym I've used from my late teens when I first started sketching and drawing.  The two letters, "K" and "C," were from my first and last name so I put them together and spelled out the result.  It wasn't a terrifically original name since at that time we also had a rescue dog we named Casey.  Maybe I'll tell you more about him at a later time.

I have been a stamper off and on since my daughter was eight or nine years old.  That's a long, long time because she's a late thirty-something now with children of her own.  We always had lots of fun when we'd make craft projects together, and although that doesn't happen much any more, I still like to stamp whenever I have a chance.  I liked stamping enough to become a Stampin' Up demonstrator back in the Spring of 2008 and haven't looked back.

Stamping is the purpose of this blog.  I want to share what I love and create with you.  Please feel free to copy and share with your friends, but also acknowledge that the idea originated right here at "Casey Stamps."

Tomorrow's Post: Stampin'Up's new In Colors

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